Report Layout Editor

Note:The Report Layout Editor may be accessed in the Batch Processing calculator by selecting Contribution Analysis as the Batch Processing Type and clicking on the editor button (BatchPayEditorIcon) found on the right of the Report Layout prompt.

The Contribution Analysis Report Configuration Editor allows for configuring the layout of the Contribution Analysis report.

Batch paycheck report editor

Report layouts may be selected, added, deleted, and renamed by clicking on the respective button found on the right side of the Report Configuration combo box.

Batch Report editor buttons.

Editor Sections

The editor has eight sections.  Each section configures its respective part of the report. Click on the items below for more information:

1.Paycheck Display

2.Deferral Election

3.Roth Account


5.Retirement Age


7.Cost to Wait



Setting Defaults

Defaults may be set for the active Report Configuration by clicking on the Apply Default Settings button found on the bottom left of the editor. Then select from the pop up menu.

Batch Processing default settings