Retirement Age

This tab allows for configuring the retirement age for each client (participant) in the group and how TRAK handles client's that are either retired or are close to retirement.

Retirement Age

Retirement Age for Client

Select one of the three methods below for working with a group of clients:

Client Data: The client age that was imported will be used.

Social Security Normal Retire Age: The Social Security's normal retirement age, based on the client's date of birth, will be used.

Custom Retirement Age: Allows for selecting the retirement age to be used for the whole group.

Custom Retirement Age

This is only enabled if Custom Retirement Age is selected in the prior prompt. Enter the retirement age to use for each member of the group.

Clients Close To/Already Retired

This group box allows for configuring how to handle clients in the group that are close to or already retired.

Skip Reports for Clients that are Already Retired

Check this box If reports for client's whose retirement age is already past. If they are not skipped, they will be retired at the end of this month.

For Clients that Are Close to Retirement, or Already Retired

Select the appropriate action for clients that are close to, or are already retired.