Deferral Election

The Deferral Election allows for printing an election deferral block in the Contribution Analysis report.

The captions can be generated by TRAK

Print an Election Deferral Section Below the Paycheck Comparison Grid

Generate Captions Automatically or Use Manual Captions

Generate Captions Automatically

Show Catchup Election Separate from Standard Deferral

If catchup deferrals are to be entered in separately from standard deferrals, check this box.

Show Catchup Election Only for Eligible Clients

If catchup deferrals are only displayed for qualifying clients (participants) check this box.

Include Section for Roth Election (when Available)

Check this box to display Roth election. Will only be included if the Roth election is available.

Include both Percent and Dollar Election Options

Check this box to display percent and dollar election, otherwise only percent election will be included.

Manual Captions

Manual captions can be used for making elections. Enter the manual captions for increasing deferrals and selecting not to increase deferrals.