Cost to Wait

The Cost to Wait section of the Batch Paycheck report illustrates the loss in account value if the client delays before increasing their contribution to the qualified plan.

 Batch Paycheck report cost to wait

The Contribution Analysis Cost to Wait section (shown above) is configured in the Contribution Analysis section (shown below):

 Batch Paycheck editor for cost to wait

Note:This section is not visible if the Show retirement year checkbox is unchecked on the Projections tab. Also, to illustrate the Cost to Wait, be sure that at least one of the check boxes in the 'Cost to Wait' column, associated with the accumulation rates of return (shown in the Projections tab), is checked.

Cost to Wait

In the following, each of the prompts on the Cost to Wait tab is discussed:

Illustrate Cost to Wait

Determines if the Cost to Wait section is printed in the report.

Illustrate Cost to Wait in

Options are Dollars and Percentage. This determines if the dollar loss in account value or the percent loss in account value is displayed in the reports.

# of Cost to Wait years

Number of records to show in the Cost to Wait section.


Enter the years to be represented in the Cost to Wait Years grid section (e.g. wait half a year, 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years, as shown above).