Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does the "Side Fund" refer to?

2.When the client has a defined contribution account (such as a 401(k) account), why does TRAK use the Side Fund for additional savings and not the client's account?

3.Can TRAK run illustrations for a client (or spouse) that does not have a retirement plan?

4.How can the effect of catastrophic health event be illustrated?

5.How can distributions from various cash accounts be controlled?

6.After adding additional savings that TRAK says is needed to solve for the shortfall, there is still a shortfall. Why?

7.The Retirement Solutions chart shows different savings needed for the client and the spouse.

8.How is Social Security calculated in TRAK?

9.Why is the Social Security (or Known Income) value incorrect for the first year?

10.Why are tab(s) disabled?

11.Can I print the "Retirement Years - Grid" in landscape?

12.Why are there so may California PERS pension plans?

13.Why doesn't TRAK calculate the FERS Supplement?