Controlling Distributions

Distributions from various cash accounts in the Gap Analysis calculator can be controlled two different ways:

1.Payout method

Each cash account (except the Side Fund) has a payout method that can control how each account is distributed.

2.Distribution priority

In the Retirement Years chart, the distribution priority of each cash account (compared to the other cash accounts) can be set. The priority is displayed to the right of the chart when viewing a single year. A single year can be displayed by clicking on a bar in the multi-year grid or clicking on the "Single Year" button in the Chart Type group box located in the Display Options docking panel.

Quick Gap Accout distribution priority

The chart shows the order in which the accounts will distribute income. Account order can be changed by clicking on an account name and dragging the name to the preferred location.

Notes:In any calendar year, RMD will have priority prior to non-RMD. RMDs will be taken out of accounts in the order shown in the grid.
In any given year, the Side Fund will have priority for distribution for any deposits that are made to the Side Fund in that calendar year. In other words even if the Side Fund is listed last in the Distribution Priority list, but a  large distribution from an account early in a calendar year results in assets being deposited into the Side Fund, for that calendar year those funds in the Side Fund will have higher priority for distribution than other accounts.

3.Allowing distribution from restrictive distribution accounts

In the Gap Analysis calculator, in the Setup tab, accounts with restrictive payout methods can be configured either to not allow distributions even if a shortfall would occur, or only as a last priority allow distributions from an account.