Why is the Social Security (or Known Income) value incorrect for the first year?

In the Retirement Years grid, the value for first year of Social Security may appear to be incorrect. For example, a client with a Social Security income starting at age 67 for their client who was born July 1st, but is retiring at age 65. There is no COLA in retirement. For the Social Security, the values may appear something like show in the grid below.


What at first does not appear correct is the Social Security income for the first year income occurs. (This may also occur for other accounts with delayed retirement income).

To understand what is happening, the values can be shown monthly. This can be done by clicking on the "Grid Option" docking panel on to the right of the grid.


In the "Display Values" group, click on the "Monthly Values" button to display monthly values in the grid. That will change the value to display what is shown below.


The grid now shows that income only occurred for 6 of the 12 months--so the "Average Monthly Income..." (the title above the column in the first grid shown above)  for 2032 is $500 per month.

Note:For the same reasons, this can also happen to other accounts that have cash flow starting after January of the calendar year.