Custom Retirement Plans

The Custom Retirement Plan Editor may be accessed in the Setup/Custom Retirement Plans from the ribbon bar.

Custom Retirement Plan allows for creating a retirement plan that may be selected in the Quick Gap and MAC calculators, as well as in the Employer File editor.

Menu Bar

Use the menu bar on the top to create, save, rename, and delete.

Custom Retirement Plan Menu Bar

The input for the screen is discussed below:

General Input

Custom Retirement Plans (top)


Select the name of the custom plan to work with. To create a new plan, or rename the selected plan, use the menu bar.

Plan is Visible

This determines if the plan shows up in the retirement plan list in the TRAK calculators and employer file.

DC Plan Type

Select the type of qualified plan. This will configure the default contribution limits for the plan.


The Config button has two options that affect the "Employer Contributions" and "Roth Account and "Employer Matching" tabs.

Allow Collapse

This allows for group-boxes inside the two mentioned tabs to be collapsed.


Collapsing groups allows for minimizing employer contribution methods that are not used by the employer.

When "Allow Collapse" is true Individual groups can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the button at the top-right of the group box.


Auto-Collapse Unused Groups

When the data is loaded (or an Instant Safe Harbor option is selected in the Employer Contributions tab

The data entry for other aspects is configured on the following four tabs:

1.Contribution Limits

2.Employer Contributions

3.Roth Account


5.Account Configuration