Account Configuration



Years of Service Required for Plan Participation

Enter the number of years of service required for an employee to be a participant in the retirement plan. Note that this only affects the Participant Benchmark report in the Batch Processing calculator.

Employee Contributions

Select if the contributions are elective (the default option) or mandatory.

Contributions are Elective

If the DC plan is setup for employee elective contributions, select this option.

Contributions are Mandatory

Select this option if the employee's contributions are mandatory.

Mandatory Employee Contributions as a Percent of Pay

Enter the mandatory contributions as a percent of the participant's paycheck.

Contributions are Pre-Tax

Select this prompt if the contributions are pre-tax.

Allow Pre-Tax Loans and Allow Roth Loans

Checked the appropriate box(es) if loans are permitted by the retirement plan. The input for loans is only available in the Gap Analysis calculator.