Import Wizard

The Import Wizard allows for the importing of data into the TRAK database from various formats. It is accessed from the File/Other from the ribbon bar.

The import utility utilizes a wizard to move you through the configuration of importing data

Notes: The selections made may change which pages are available as progress is made through the import wizard.
This data may be associated as a group for batch processing by the Batch Processing calculator. This will be discussed in the Name Group page.

The import wizard is made up of the following 15 pages:

1.Welcome Screen

2.File Type

3.File Name

4.Text File Settings

5.Data Formats

6.Employer File

7.Column Settings

8.Field Associations

9.Data Conversion

10.Default Values

11.Auto Escalate

12.Preview Data

13.Group Name

14.Import Action

15.Data Merge Config

16.Finished Page

Click on the link above to get more details on the specific page of the wizard.

Press the Next button to move forward through the wizard.