Employer File

The Employer File page is used to select the employer file to be associated with the imported data.

Import Employer File

Hints:To configure a new employer file, click on the employer file editor button (FileIMportClientsEmployerEditorBtn) to the right of the prompt.
The employer file configuration will determine which fields are imported. Specifically:

1.Fields not visible in the employer file will not be listed (e.g. in the Employer File Editor's "Visible Field" tab, if the "Section 125" is not checked, it will not be listed in the Column Association page). Click here for more information about visible fields.

2.The configuration of the method for contribution (i.e. Percent of Paycheck or Dollar Value) will determine which field is visible. Click here for more information.


Additionally, select the W-4 format for the client records being imported.  This can be after or prior to 2020 or selected per client record.


Finally, check the box next to "Import values for qualified plan (pre-tax or after Roth contribution values) can be either a dollar or a percent value."  This allows the software to account for both types of contributions as long as the census file to import has a column for each contribution type.