Text File Settings

The Text File Settings page is only required for importing data from text files.

Note: Text files (commonly called ASCII files or CSV files) require the highest level of configuration to import data. The reason being, text files have the least internal definition of the data (e.g. how a date is formatted, what type of data is in each field, etc.).

Import Text File Settings

Delimited or Fixed Width

Text files separate field values in one of two ways: using fixed width columns or using delimiters. If delimiter (a character that separates fields, such as a comma or a tab) is selected, the type of delimiter must be selected.

Field Delimiter

Select the delimiter between the field values. Normally this would be a comma.

Record Separator

Select what defines the end of a record.

 CR is a 'carriage return' and is ACSII character #13.

 LF is a 'line feed' and is ASCII character #10

Text Qualifier

If text fields in the input file are qualified with quote marks, select which type of quotes are used.

Note:Other settings on this page will most likely be correct. Only change settings if they are incorrect.

Character Set

Normally this will be an ANSI Windows character set. If the source file was from a file generated in a MS DOS program, choose ANSI MS DO.

Trim Spaces

Select if the text is to be trimmed (leading and/or trailing spaces).