Configure Options

Below the list of reports is a button for configuring the print window.


This allows for configuring various options, including:

Selected Reports

Set Current Selected Reports as the Default Selection

When this is clicked, the list of selected reports will be remembered the next time the print window is opened.

Note:If you have a standard set of reports you typically create, configuring them with this option can provide a nice time savings.
Holding down the shift-key when the print dialog is opened will keep the reports from automatically generating.

Select Default Reports

This will restore the selected reports to the default list. It is disabled if no reports are selected in the default list.

Report Order

Re-order Reports...

Reports can be re-ordered for printing. This setting will be saved.

Clear Custom Sort Order

Clicking this will clear the custom sort order for the reports. This is only enabled if the current report order has been customized.

Custom Report Settings

TRAK allows for report settings (the order of the reports and which reports are selected) to be saved by name. This allows for quickly selecting which reports to print out for a client. (For example, setting for the Quick Gap could be "First Meeting", "Follow Up Meeting"). The following three menu items relate configuring the custom report settings.

Custom Report Settings

This is enabled if there are custom report settings saved for the current calculator. If there are custom report settings, clicking on this item will pop-up a menu showing a list of custom report settings.

Delete Custom Report Settings...

This allows for deleting custom report settings.

Save Report Settings...

The current report settings can be saved with a name. They will then be available in the Custom Report Settings menu item (above).

Printer Setting

Remember Main Printer Setting

The default printer settings for TRAK can be remembered between settings. Check this to remember the settings. This will affect printing in all TRAK calculators.

Remember Individual Printer Settings

If this is checked, printer settings for each report will be remembered. Printer settings can be customized for individual reports by right-clicking over the specific report. This will only be enabled if an individual report's printer settings has been customized.

Clear All Custom Printer Settings

This will clear the custom printer settings for the main printer and any custom report printer settings for current calculator.


Auto-Generate Preview on Open

If this is checked, and there are preselected reports (see item 1 above), the reports will be auto-generated when the Print window is opened.

Note that if either shit key is pressed when the print window is opened, the report will not be auto-generated.

Save Report to Archive

If this is checked, a copy of all generated reports will be saved with the client's data. It can be previewed in the Report Archive viewer.  (For batch processing reports, the Archive Reports for Each Participant check box in Config/Batch Processes/Printing must also be checked).

Show Report Preview

If this is checked, when the cursor is held over a report, a preview of the report will be displayed to the right of the report name. Note that the previewed image is loaded from a database (it is not generated with the client's data) and may appear differently than the preview image that is displayed.