These options configure the printing of the Batch Processing calculator.

Print Batch Reports to Files

This configures the default directory that PDF reports are saved.

Report File Naming

When printing batch participant reports to individual PDF files, this configures the file name used to save each report.

Archiving Reports

TRAK allows for saving an archive (copy) of the batch processing reports with the participant's data.

Note:A large number of archived reports may significantly add to the size of the database, the size of the backups files, and the time it takes to generate the backups.

Participant Benchmark

Additional chart configuration can be set for the participant benchmark report.


File Cache Reports

Typically when creating reports the report engine uses in-memory caching. When printing multiple reports to a single PDF, this may cause a "Out of Memory" exception. The threshold for how many reports can be saved in memory will be different based on a number of factors. If you are receiving an exception when printing multiple reports to a single PDF, you can check Always Use File Stream Cache when Printing Multiple Reports to a PDF or lower the threshold on when the file cache is used for creating reports.