Report Archives

To view or print an archive file, select File/Print Archive from the ribbon bar.

By default, TRAK saves a copy of all generated reports with each client file (include batch processing reports).

Report Archives provides a way to review and print reports that have been previously produced and reside now in the Print Archives. See the Print dialog for more information.

A file must first be saved as a print archive file before it can be printed from the archives. It can be saved as a print archive file when the file is being viewed or printed.

Print Archives

Navigate on the left hand side for the client and the archived report. When a report is selected, it will be automatically viewed in the previewer (on the right).


Deleting Archives


To delete more than one archive, right-click over the Delete Archive button at the bottom (only enabled when an archive is being viewed). There are two menu options available:




Delete Archives in List will delete all of the archives viewable in the list, and Delete All Archives will delete all archives in the database. Note that both options have a confirmation dialog requiring the user to type yes (not case sensitive) into an editor.