Calculations Screens

The Quick Gap calculator has the following calculation screens that may be viewed on the right hand side:

1.Overview (required)

The remaining pages are in alphabetical order.

2.Account Accumulation

3.Accounts at Retirement

4.Average Values

5.Contribution Analysis

6.DB Option Cost Analysis

7.General Overview

8.Life Insurance Comparison

9.Paycheck Comparison

10.Pension Max (Optional; must be purchased. Only shown when purchased and with DB plans that have multiple options.)

11.Retirement Solutions

12.Retirement Years

13.Sequence of Returns

Hints:Screens may be easily added or removed by right-clicking over the tab captions and selecting which screens should be viewed. Note that the "Overview" tab cannot be removed.
Screen order can be changed by dragging them to their preferred location.
The "Overview" tab cannot be removed and therefore shows itself as disabled.

Quick Gap Calculation Pages