Retirement Solutions

The Retirement Solutions calculation tab allows for instant comparison between variables at retirement. This includes both variables over which the client may have control over (e.g. retirement age) and variables that they may have very little control (e.g. inflation). Additionally, a lump sum solution may also be illustrated at intervals of 5 years prior to and at retirement.


The comparison can be easily changed by selecting an item from the combo-box found above the chart.

The current situation is always the center bar (except when comparing either cost of waiting or the options for a defined benefit retirement plan).

Hints:Most of the options for this chart allow for quick and easy changing of the comparison by clicking on the bar in the chart. This will change the client data (or spouse's data, whichever is focused). The data will be recalculated and that bar will become the center bar (except when working with defined benefit options).
Clients who have little or no additional savings required may want to consider the following reasons for additional savings: earlier retirement dates, higher income level, and hedging against higher rates of inflation.