Distribution Allocation

Product Type

Select if the product type is a Fixed Annuity or a SPIA.

Number of Years

Enter the number of years for distribution.

Income Required

Enter the income required for the tier.

Note:This column is only visible if Final Tier Balance, Declared Initial Income or Current Principal, Declared Initial Income is see selected in the Solve For prompt (above). In either case, no inflation will be applied to the value entered.

Premium Bonus

Enter the premium bonus for the tier.

Note:This column is only visible if Allow for Premium Bonus in Tiers is checked in the Configuration panel.

Interest Rate or Annuity Rate

Enter the payout rate (either annuity rate or interest rate, as set in the Configuration panel).


Enter the estimated inflation to be illustrated during this time period.

This is visible only if, in the Configuration panel Allow Editing Inflation per Allocation is checked, and if the selected value for the Solve For prompt is not either of the "...Declare All Income options. Additionally, it will not be available for the last row in the grid unless the Final Tier's Solve For method is Lifetime Income Rider.