Multi-Tier Split Annuity Configuration Panel

Note The configuration dialog box can be accessed by clicking on the Configuration button on the right side of the Multi-Tier calculator.
The default values used when creating new clients are available by selecting File/Config in the ribbon bar and in the navigator on the left selecting "Multi-Tier Split Annuity" in the navigator on the left.

Tier Distribution Method

Select the payout method for the various tiers, either an Annuity Rate (dollar per thousand per month) or Interest Rate.

Allow Editing Allocation's Name

Check this box to enter a name for each tier. If this is not checked, the tiers will be named "Period 1," "Period 2"... and "Final Period."

Allow Delay of Payments for Initial Allocation

This allows for delaying the starting of distribution until a specific age and month (the Distribution Start group box will appear under the Personal Information group box).

Allow Editing Inflation per Tier

Inflation can be estimated for all time periods, or configured per tier. To configure per tier, check this box.

Allow for Premium Payout Bonus in Allocations

Check this box to allow for a premium bonus to be paid for any of the distribution tier(s).

NoteIf any time period has a premium bonus, check this option.

Allocation Display Options

Show Start/End Year

Checking this shows the start and end year of each tier in the tier grid.

Show Start/End Age

Checking this shows the start and end age of the client for each tier in the tier grid.

Show Future Balance

Allows for showing the future balance allocated to each tier while the data is being updated.

NoteAllocated balances for all tiers may change as data for tiers is modified in each tier.

Show Monthly Income

Shows income calculated for tier.

Show Exclusion Ratio

Displays the calculated exclusion ration in the respective tier.

Setting Defaults

Clicking on the Set as Default (MT_SetAsDefault) button will save the settings in the Configuration dialog as the default settings for new illustrations. It will not alter settings for existing illustrations.