Data Entry-Account Configuration

Personal Information

Date of Birth

Enter the client's date of birth.

Distributions Start

NoteThis section is only available if Allow Delay of Payments for Initial Allocation is checked in the Configuration panel.

Annuities Start

Select if the illustration starts Immediately or at a Future Age. If a Future Age is selected, the additional prompts will be displayed below.

Start Age

Enter the age of the client to start the illustration.

Start Month

Enter the month to start distribution.

Pre-Distribution Rate of Return

Enter the rate of return on the principle between now and when the illustration is to start.

Account Setup

Solve for

Select how the calculation for the final allocation is determined. The options include:

1.Monthly Income with Return of Principal: the final allocation's principal will return to the original value.

2.Defined Ending Balance: the final allocation's principal will calculate.

3.Lifetime Income Rider: the final allocation's balance will be calculated to provide income from a lifetime income rider account. The income will be equal to the income from the other allocations, adjusted by inflation.

4.Final Tier Balance, Declared Initial Income allows the initial allocation's income to be entered. The income for the other allocations will be calculated using the inflation rate(s) (as setup in the Configuration panel). Inflation will be applied to incomes for non-immediate annuities.

5.Final Tier Balance, All Incomes Declared allows the income for each allocation to be entered in the grid near the bottom of the page. When this option is selected, a Required Income column will be displayed in the grid. Inflation is not applied to the value entered for in Required Income column.

6.Current Principal, Declared Initial Income: allows for calculating the current principle where the initial income is declared, and the income of any future allocations, if any, is calculated by the inflation rates.

7.Current Principal, Declared All Incomes: allows for calculating the current principle when the income for all allocations is calculated.

NotesThe remainder of the prompts in the Account Setup section may depend upon the selection of the Solve-For prompt (and other prompts found in this section).
If a calculation can not be completed or there is a data entry problem, an error message will appear at the bottom of the Data tab.

Principal Amount

Enter the total principal amount for the multi-tier annuity illustration.

Final Tier Balance Goal

Select one of two values here: Return of Principal or Stated Value. The first will provide a return of the initial cash value, while the second will allow for a custom value to be entered. (This value will be entered in the Final Tier's distribution section discussed below).

Principal Type

Select if the Principal Amount is either Non-qualified or Qualified money.

Number of Allocations

Enter the number of allocations to create, between 2 and 5 (inclusive).

Tax Rate

Enter the average tax rate for the illustration.


Enter the inflation for the whole time period. (This prompt is disabled if the inflation is configured per time period).

Initial Monthly Income

Enter the initial income required (desired) for the illustration.