Visible Fields Tab

The Visible Fields tab allows for configuring the employer file's fields that are visible. It is only available when Advanced is selected as the Editor Mode. Some fields may or may not be used by all employers. For example, many employers will not have Summer Pay. Un-checking 'Summer Pay' (and other fields) has two benefits:

1)It reduces the amount of configuration in the employer file editor (the prompts will appear disabled in the editor).

2)It removes the prompts from the following areas:

a)the Paycheck calculator data input, calculations, and reports

b)Batch Paycheck reports

c)the import wizard's list of fields for importing

 Visible Fields Tab

Note:For more information on the Primary Qualified Plan (e.g. a 401(k), or TSA), Secondary Qualified Plan (e.g. a 457 plan), and Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan (i.e. state defined benefit plan, e.g. "California STRS") see the help on Retirement Plans.