Strategic Social Security Scenario Comparison

The Scenario Comparison tab allows for comparing scenarios chosen in the Select Scenarios tab.

There are three areas to focus on in this tab:

1.The Scenario Descriptions (top left)

This provides descriptions of the selected scenarios. Each description can be displayed by clicking on the down arrows to the right of the scenario name(s).


2.Grid Comparison (bottom left)

The grid at the bottom left compares the annual income from each of the scenarios.

The specific columns displayed in the grid can be changed by accessing the Grid Options docking panel on the right right of the tab.


Columns can include:

1.Client's and Spouse's Ages

2.Client's and Spouse's Incomes

3.Total Income

4.Accumulated income

If all four items are selected there may not be enough room to view the values.

Additionally, incomes can be displayed annually or monthly.

3.Chart Comparison (right side)

The comparison chart allows for comparing the Total Incomes or Cash Flow from the selected scenarios over time.

The Cash Flow charts has a number of options that can be configured in the Chart Options docking panel.

1.The value for the income (monthly, annually or accumulated),

2.The horizontal (time) axis (age or calendar year), and

3.If the line type changes (solid, dashes, dots) for the chart.  This may be done always, only when printing, or never.