Note:To access the Gap Analysis Calculator Information, select File/Config from the ribbon bar and select Gap Analysis/Calculator from the navigator on the left.

Allow Glide Paths in the Quick Gap and Gap Analysis Calculator

By default this box is checked. To hide Glide Paths in both the Quick Gap and Gap Analysis Calculators, check this box.

Illustrate RMDs from 401(k) Roth Accounts

By default this feature is off, however, typically an advisor will roll out of the 401k Roth into an IRA.  Having it turned off allows them not to illustrate it without creating a transfer.

Maximum Contribution Limits

Maximum Contribution Limits

Select if the contribution limits for retirement plans is indexed for future years.

Quick Gap Calculator

Allow Different COLA Rates Prior to and During Retirement

Allows for entering different COLA rates in the Quick Gap calculator for the accumulation and distribution years.

Gap Analysis

Hide Tabs that are not Enabled

Select this option to hide tabs not enabled.

Maximum Tax Rate

This limit is applied when using the scaling feature to increase the tax table.

Retirement Payout Methods

Select which retirement payout methods are available for account distributions.