Glide Paths

As a client approaches retirement, a client will often reduce their risk and at the same time reduce their rate of return earned on an account. Glide Paths allow for configuring changing rates of return as a person gets closer to retirement. A Glide Path may also optionally include a retirement rate of return.  (TRAK ships with default glide paths that may be reconfigured, based on an advisor's preferences).

To review the available pre-built Glide Path models, click on the down-arrow to the right of the model name field.  


There are 3 default glide paths available (which can reviewed and altered if desired):

Aggressive - higher rates of return farther from retirement.

Moderate - slightly more conservative rates of return prior to retirement.

Conservative - conservative rates of return prior to retirement.

Additionally, a custom Glide Path can be named and/or added:


Note: If including a retirement rate of return for a glide path is enabled, the rate of return under Account Distribution in both Gap Analysis and Quick Gap will not be displayed.