Data Input Tabs

The Gap Analysis calculator's data input is divided into seven separate main tabs:

Data Input Tabs

Note:Not all tabs are available in every version of the software.

Data Errors

Note that tabs may be disabled if data on prior tabs is not entered correctly. If this is the case, a button will appear on the top-right of the tab that has the problem data (the right-most enabled tab).

Gap Analysis Data Error box

For Example:In the image above, the tabs to the right of the Taxation are disabled. This indicates that there is a data error on the taxation tab.

Clicking on the button will drop down a dialog showing where the data error occurs:

Gap Analysis Data Error

Data Input

On each tab, data is entered for the indicated topic. Click on the link below for more information about a specific tab:



3.Client & Spouse

4.Client & Spouse Retirement Plan

5.TSP/Federal Savings Plan

6.Other Accounts

7.Retirement Income

8.Bucket Strategy

Calculation Data

Click here for information about the Calculations tab.