Roth Conversion

Overview of the Roth Conversion Calculator

The Roth Conversion calculator provides an efficient and effective method for illustrating Roth conversions for a client. The Roth Conversion calculator features include:

The illustration provides for easy data entry, and the calculations are instantly updated as data is changed.

Allow for Roth Conversion in a single or over multiple years.

Easily solve for multiple tax brackets when a Roth conversion may increase the client's current marginal federal tax bracket.

Ability to include Roth conversion bonus values when needed (otherwise prompt will be hidden).

Ability to illustrate the payment of the taxes for the Roth conversion from either a non-qualified account or from an IRA distribution.

Roth conversion data presented graphically, numerically and also in a story board format.

Getting started with the Roth Conversion Calculator

The Roth Conversion calculator is very similar to many TRAK calculators, having its data on the left side and the calculations on the right side. After data is entered on the left side, the calculations will automatically be updated

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