Roth Conversion Config

These configuration options are available on the Calculations Options docking panel onthe far-right.


Note:Checking any of the boxes below adds prompts to the user interface, making a little bit more data entry. By default, prompts that are typically not needed are not displayed.

Allow Taxes to be Paid IRA Conversion

Checking this box adds the Taxes Paid By prompt that allows for the taxes to be paid by the Roth account. The default is that they are paid by assets outside account, such as a CD.

Show Roth Conversion Bonus

Check this box if there is a bonus for converting the money to a Roth account.

Allow Federal Taxation using AGI

For large conversions, using the federal tax brackets may better illustrate the taxation on the conversion as it can occur in multiple tax brackets. Checking this box will allow for entering the adjusted gross income (AGI) and selecting a tax bracket.