Debt Analyzer

The Debt Analyzer tool illustrates the moving of debt from various high interest loans (such as credit cards) to a client's 401(k) or 403(b) account. It shows the client the advantages of borrowing against their qualified plan. Clear instructions are also presented as to how the client should proceed.


The calculator has two tab pages, Data and Calculations.

 Debt minizer tab

Note: The Calculations tab will not be enabled in the following conditions:

1.The 401(k) account does not have a balance or deposits.

2.There are no outstanding debts.

3.Any outstanding debts can not be calculated (i.e. the # of Monthly Payments Left column shows N/A).

Note:If the qualified plan type is not the type of account you wish to illustrate, from the ribbon bar, select File/Config. Then select Debt Analyzer from the navigation panel at the left. Finally, select the desired plan type. (The options are 403(b), TSA or 401(k)).

After entering the information on the Data tab, click on the Calculations tab to see the effects of moving the debt to the qualified plan.

For more information, click on the desired link below:

1.Entering data in the left hand column

2.Entering outstanding debts

3.Debt Analyzer's calculations