Entering Outstanding Debts

Debt Analyzer's Outstanding Debts are those high interest loans that will be transferred to a 401(k).

 Debt Minimizer Accounts

The accounts are created by clicking in the 'Click here to add a new row' area, entering the data, and then pressing the tab key. The number of accounts is virtually unlimited.

Only the columns in white may be edited. The blue columns are calculated fields.

If an account's payment is not high enough to cover the interest rate, the Calculations tab will be disabled and the # of Monthly Payments Left will show 'N/A'--meaning a higher monthly payment is needed. (The Calculations tab may also be disabled if the qualified plan has no cash balance or ongoing contributions.)

The columns for the Outstanding Debts are as follows:

Type of Account

When the editor is focused, you may select from a list of accounts to be used.

Current Balance

Enter the current account balance.

Monthly Payment

Enter the current monthly payment.


Enter the rate of return (annual percentage rate) for the account.

# of Monthly Payments Left (calculated, not editable)

This is the calculated number of monthly payments left on the account.

Interest Paid (calculated, not editable)

This is the calculated interest that will be paid to the account when the account is paid in full.