TRAK Quick Tips

Take a look at our Quick Tips for features and functions available within TRAK!
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Instant Help

Press the “F1” key and the help file will open with info pertaining to the current calculator or screen you have open in TRAK.


Improve your workflow by using hotkeys. Just press “Alt” to show the available hotkeys on any given screen!

Interest Calculator

See 4 examples of how to use this feature, from finding monthly savings needed to meet a 15 year goal, to finding rates of return, or calculating the borrow amount needed for a house payment. READ MORE HERE.

Single Client Data Transfer

Easily save and load single client files to transfer between computers.

Transferring Client Group Data

You can now transfer a group of client’s data from one computer to another in TRAK. This is helpful when an assistant is adding or updating a group of clients and then needs to transfer them to the advisor’s computer.  

Restoring Client Database

A short tutorial on how to transfer and restore your client database from one computer to another.

Ribbon Bar Customization

Improve your workflow my removing unused icons or reordering your most used calculators for quick access.

Change Skin Style

Choose the style and color scheme that makes your experience using TRAK the most enjoyable!

Market Hit Illustration

Quickly illustrate what a market hit would do to a clients portfolio!

Bucket Strategy

Turn on the bucket strategy for a client in one click without having to open additional software. Keep your client’s data all in one spot!

Quick Gap Calculation Tabs

How to remove unwanted Calculation tabs, restore missing ones, and rearrange the order they present themselves in.

Quick Gap Inflation Rates

While using the Quick Gap tool have you ever wanted to illustrate for a client different inflation rates prior to and during retirement? With a quick settings change you can allow for for this.

Options For Retirement Age Tab

This tab is helpful for coming alongside a client who is enrolled in one of the 650 Defined benefit plans built into our software, and maybe they are wondering how early they can retire and if there are any penalties for retiring early by the rules of the plan documents

Archived Reports

Reports are archived for two weeks.  Save or email important reports for storage on your own device.

Interest Calculator

See 3 examples of how to use this feature, from finding monthly savings needed to meet a 15 year goal, to calculating rates of return.

Glide Paths

Use Glide Path for Cash Balance Accounts, customize with your own rates of return to best fit your client.

Registered Symbol

Include the registered symbol ® with your credentials on printed reports. 

Client Groups

Organize your clients by group save time and make batch processing a breeze.

Custom Disclaimer

Customize your disclaimer that shows up through various reports.

Auto Logout

Always log out of TRAK-Online when finishing a session. Exiting the browser will lock you out until your auto logout time is reached.

Support & Documents

Quickly access helpful support and resource documents with a newly dedicated menu section.

Duplicating a Client

Duplicate a client without reentering all the data

Limiting Your Recent Client List

Maybe you are working alongside a client sharing your screen and you don’t want your other clients you recently worked with visible. In the User settings you can shorten your Recent Client list to only show the current person you are working with. 

Single Year Chart

A visual way to illustrate the average breakdown of each account being distributed in a single year of the Retirement Years chart