Differences between TRAK and TRAK-Online


RetireReady Solutions offers two distinct platforms, TRAK and TRAK-Online. While both are designed to equip advisors to answer clients’ and participants’ key retirement questions, there are some differences between the two platforms. For a detailed TRAK Comparison scroll to the bottom of this page to see our comparison chart.


TRAK is a comprehensive, Windows-desktop software that has been offered and refined by RetireReady Solutions for over 30 years. As with other Windows-based software, an advisor will install TRAK on their computer. Some advantages of TRAK are that it is very fast (using the computer processor to complete tasks), it does not require an internet connection, and data is backed up locally. A purchased license allows an advisor to install TRAK on two computers with additional installations available for purchase. The pricing model is based on an initial purchase price followed by yearly renewals.

TRAK-Deluxe offers more than twenty calculators, many focused on unique retirement scenarios. We also offer several other versions of TRAK tailored to the needs of different market segments such as 403(b) and 401(k) markets.

(Mac Users: TRAK-Desktop can run in a Windows virtual machine with third party software or a dual-boot setup on the Mac. Another option to consider is TRAK-Online which is cloud-based and can be accessed on any internet connected device.)


TRAK-Online is a modern, cloud-based application that Retire Ready Solutions released in 2015. It combines many of the most popular calculators from TRAK with an updated web interface. We continue to develop new modules for TRAK-Online, the goal being to bring over most of the calculators in TRAK over to TRAK-Online.

Some advantages of TRAK-Online are its intuitive interface, secure cloud data storage, and the fact that an advisor can access it from any internet connected device. The pricing model is based on a subscription where the advisor subscribes to TRAK-Online monthly or yearly. TRAK-Online currently offers seven calculators which can be subscribed to in any combination.

(Mac Users: TRAK-Online is a great option which you can access from your Mac, iPad or any other internet connected device.)

Version Comparison

between TRAK-Desktop and TRAK-Online

The following compares which calculators are available in the TRAK-Deluxe Windows version and the TRAK-Online cloud-based version.

TRAK Comparison Breakdown