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Getting Started

Getting Started in TRAK

This tutorial provides an introduction and overview of The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) software.

How to Work with Client Files

This training video will walk you through creating new client files, modifying client files, loading client files, and deleting client files in TRAK.

How to Use the Ribbon Bar

This training video will teach you how to more efficiently navigate TRAK software using the new Ribbon Bar feature.

Printing Features

This training video will quickly show you how to use the new printing features of TRAK.

How to Backup and Restore a Database in TRAK

This video will teach you how to backup and restore a database in the TRAK software.

How to Filter Pension Plans

This training video will show you how to filter the pension plans in TRAK.

Creating and Editing Report Sets

In this video, you will learn how to save time by creating report sets for the various client groups you work with.

Creating Custom Report Disclaimers

Video covers how to edit the default report disclaimer or create a custom disclaimer.

Creating a Custom Employer File

This training video will walk you through creating a custom employer file to use with clients in the paycheck calculator of TRAK.

Popular Webinars

Gap Analysis Part 1: Data Entry

This session will focus on the Data Entry tab pages of the Gap Analysis Calculator. This will include: setting up the client and spouse, working with the various types of retirement plans (public pension systems, including state and federal, and defined contribution systems, including generic and custom). The class will also discuss working with additional accounts, and using the retirement income models.

Gap Analysis Part 2: Calculations

This class will cover the Gap Analysis’ calculations pages found in “Calculation” tabs in TRAK, and working with various retirement scenarios. The printing options will also be covered.

Gap Analysis for Federal Employees

TRAK’s Gap Analysis tool is an excellent tool for engaging federal employees! TRAK can illustrate CSRS, CSRS-Offset and FERS, along with TSP, FEGLI and Federal LTC insurance. This session will focus on how to use TRAK with federal employees, and provide them with a retirement benefit analysis.

Quick Gap

The Quick Gap Calculator will quickly illustrate a client’s retirement income shortfall (gap) and the amount of additional savings needed. Quick Gap training will include the data input, working with both defined contribution (e.g. 401k) and defined benefit (e.g. STRS/PERS) plans, accessing other accounts and understanding the calculation pages.

Paycheck/1040 Analysis

This class will explain how to use the Paycheck calculator, including the Projection and 1040 Tax Analysis modules. We will also show how to match a client’s paycheck, illustrate effects of various qualified plan contributions on take-home pay. This class also will cover how to use the Projections module to illustrate growth of contributions to retirement and distributions during retirement; and how to use the 1040 Tax Analysis module to find additional investment dollars for retirement.

Batch Processing

The Batch Processing class will cover all aspects of the Batch Paycheck and Batch Gap illustration tools, including importing client data, setting up a new employer file, and creating reports for each employee in a group.

Strategic Social Security

The Strategic Social Security Calculator shows the best alternatives for planning a client and their spouse’s options for starting their Social Security. The class will cover the data entry, selecting scenarios, and then comparing scenarios for the best options. We will also go over how to integrate Social Security with a retirement needs analysis in TRAK’s Quick Gap or Gap Analysis Calculators.

TRAK Features

Bucket Strategy

Your clients want to protect their retirement assets from risk and market downturns but you know that those same assets need to last for their whole retirement. Balancing these two needs can be tricky but the Bucket Strategy feature in The Retirement Analysis Kit is designed to make it easy for an advisor to show their client the benefits of using income buckets as a retirement income strategy. This class will show advisors how to illustrate time-segmenting all or portions of a client’s retirement savings into buckets which can be customized in many ways.

Tax Wise Distribution Strategy

The Tax Wise Distribution Strategy helps your client extend the length of their income in retirement by reducing the taxes paid during retirement.

Tax Wise Tax Rate Factor

In Gap Analysis with Tax Wise Strategy selected you can now adjust future tax rate increases within the Scenario Editor. Check out how this works in the short tutorial.

Pension Max

Demonstration of TRAK’s Pension Maximization features.

2020 W-4 Conversion in Paycheck

Feature video highlighting the ability to convert allowances of a pre 2020 W-4 to deductions in the new 2020 W-4.

Debt Analyzer

Debt Analyzer is a helpful tool that illustrates the moving of debt from various high-interest loans (like credit cards) to a client’s qualified plan (like a 401(k) or 403(b) that has the loan option. It shows the client the advantages of borrowing against their qualified plan. Then it gives Clear instructions on how the client should proceed.

Sequence of Returns

Using TRAK’s Sequence of Returns calculator to illustrate the historical market volatility.

Contribution Analysis

Take a look at the Contribution Analysis feature for TRAK’s Gap Analysis and Quick Gap calculators!

Retirement Scenarios Editor in Gap Analysis

This training video will teach you how to create and illustrate multiple scenarios for your client.

Quick Gap: Average Tax Rate

A long requested feature has finally made it to the Quick Gap tool. With the new Average Tax Rate option you can now account for taxes in your retirement need analysis.

Roth Conversion Updated

You can now illustrate a Roth conversion over multiple years. This along with some user interface updates will hopefully make your work in the tool easier and more applicable to your clients needs.

Simple Engaging Interactive

In light of our present circumstances and social distancing you may have to approach your client meetings differently, and if it was hard to keep clients engaged around their retirement in person, what can you do to keep them engaged remotely?  In this feature of the month Ed briefly walks you through the Quick Gap Calculator and how it’s a powerful tool for educating clients about retirement in online meetings.

TRAK is constantly being updated with additional tools as we continually strive to be more efficient and effective when working with clients.

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