TRAK Online Training Videos

Getting Started

Intro to TRAK Online

This brief tutorial provides an introduction to TRAK-Online, its layout and basic features.

Creating Reports in TRAK Online

This brief tutorial explains how to create and save reports in TRAK-Online

Creating a Custom Employer File

This tutorial covers how to create a custom employer file for using in the Paycheck Analysis or Batch Processing.

Creating a Custom Plan in TRAK Online

This tutorial covers how to create a custom retirement plan in TRAK-Online.

Popular Webinars

Intro to Gap Analysis in TRAK Online

This class will cover the Gap Analysis’ data entry and calculations pages found in TRAK’s online portal. It will also include all aspects of generating in page calculations and the creation of reports that can be either emailed or generated online.

TRAK Online for Federal Employees

This class will cover how to illustrate your clients federal benefits in the FERS, CSRS, or CSRS with offset plans in TRAK. In addition to the above we will also cover entering a clients Thrift Savings Plan, FEGLI, and the Federal LTC Insurance.

TRAK Online Strategic Social Security

The Strategic Social Security Calculator shows the best alternatives for planning a client and their spouse’s options for starting their Social Security. The class will cover the data entry, selecting scenarios, and then comparing scenarios for the best options. We will also go over how to integrate Social Security with a retirement needs analysis in the Gap Analysis Calculator.

TRAK Online Paycheck/1040 Analysis

This class will explain how to use the Paycheck calculator, including the Projection and 1040 Tax Analysis modules. We will also show how to match a client’s paycheck, illustrate effects of various qualified plan contributions on take-home pay. This class also will cover how to use the Projections module to illustrate growth of contributions to retirement and distributions during retirement; and how to use the 1040 Tax Analysis module to find additional investment dollars for retirement.

TRAK Online Batch Processing

The Batch Processing class will cover all aspects of the Batch Paycheck and Batch Gap illustration tools, including importing client data, setting up a new employer file, and creating reports for each employee in a group.

TRAK Features

Redtail Integration

This short video walks you through how to set up Redtail integration in TRAK-Online.

Paycheck's 2020 W-4 Convert

In the Paycheck tool you can convert pre-2020 Federal W-4 format with allowances to the new 2020 W-4 format with additional deductions using the Convert button.   

Scenario Editor

With the Scenario Editor, found in the Gap Analysis Deluxe tool, you can make quick changes to the current scenario, add new scenarios and show quick comparisons on the calculation pages or reports.