Split Annuity

Will we have enough when we retire? It’s the burning question most clients ask. The Multi-Tier Split Annuity calculator gives advisors the ability to illustrate a split annuity (between two and five tiers), quickly showing a client the income that can be produced from a lump sum value. Or, working backwards, it can calculate the cash balance needed to produce a required income.

The Split Annuity calculator was created for advisors and provides the flexibility you need! Some examples of the flexibility include:

  1. The first tier can be an immediate or deferred annuity.
  2. The effects of different inflation rates can be illustrated easily.
  3. The final tier can be a traditional lump sum or a guaranteed income rider.
  4. The interest rate from an annuity can be calculated easily.

TRAK’s Split Annuity calculator illustrates the split annuity concept in a way that clients can easily understand.

Split Annuity

TRAK’s Split Annuity calculator provides the flexibility and ease of use that advisors demand and helps clients easily understand what is being communicated. Now you can confidently answer clients’ most worrisome question about the total amount to expect in retirement.

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