Roth Conversion

Clients who understand the financial concepts being communicated are much more likely to buy into the solutions their advisors present. TRAK’s Roth Conversion illustration tool allows you to quickly enter values and illustrate for clients how a Roth conversion impacts them today and in retirement. TRAK provides the results in a story board (see below) and in graphical and grid presentations.

The Roth Conversion tool keeps things simple while providing for the complexities of real life: the Roth conversion input prompts to enter the federal tax rate or the adjusted gross income. The latter provides the ability to consider the various tax brackets the conversion may be in because a conversion may occur in more than one bracket.

This Roth Conversion tool helps your client understand what is being communicated—quickly! The taxes on the illustrated conversion can be paid with an outside account or with distributions from the pre-tax account. Assumptions can be modified easily to compare the effects of changing tax rates, interest rates, etc. The Roth Conversion tool allows you to easily illustrate how a Roth Conversion may affect a client’s scenario.

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