Pension Maximization

TRAK includes two Pension Maximization (also known as Pension Income Maximization) calculators that easily illustrate for a client the option of replacing a lower income option with life insurance. Show the income a client will receive from the various options in a retirement pension plan, the projected cost over retirement of taking a lower income option, and how life insurance may provide the income needed for his or her spouse. All of this can be done with a few data entry points and the click of a mouse!

Pension Max Cost Comparison

The Pension Max calculators can illustrate many options for a client:

  1. Instantly show the lifetime cost of taking the alternative option with the higher spouse income.
  2. Easily calculate the life insurance needed for any of the lower income options by choosing among the hundreds of defined benefit plans included in TRAK.
  3. Calculations can include either a single whole life policy or a number of term policies and a whole life policy (the latter to reduce the cost of the life insurance).
  4. Illustrate the cash flow analysis in an annotated grid and a chart.
  5. Quickly calculate the insurance coverage needed and provide your client with a report illustrating the concept.

With over 700+ state defined benefit pension plans in TRAK for state defined benefit plans, calculating a Pension Maximization illustration has never been easier!

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