In keeping with RetireReady Solutions’ efforts to equip advisors to educate and motivate clients and participants, we establish relationships with other allied firms as the opportunity arises. Each relationship is defined by a unique agreement between RetireReady Solutions and the allied firm and may include special or reciprocal benefits.

Any customer who would like to claim the benefits (such as a discount) from one of our partner relationships must do so within thirty (30) days of their initial purchase of a TRAK license, or subscription to TRAK-Online. After these thirty days have passed, the customer will no longer be eligible for the benefit. In keeping with this policy we do not retroactively award partner relationship benefits to existing customers and do not apply discounts or other benefits to purchases or subscriptions that were made before a partner relationship is established and announced. Benefits for TRAK-Online only apply to the first year of the subscription.

Current relationships exist with the following firms and you may inquire about the benefits of this relationship at the time of your initial purchase or subscription.

The 401(k) Coach

Federal Employee Benefits Advocates

Fed Resource


Megastar Advisors