Introduction to TRAK-Online Retirement Planning Software


Hello and welcome to this brief tutorial: An Introduction to TRAK-Online. TRAK-Online is our online version of The Retirement Analysis Kit, it will allow you to create retirement analysis of a lot of different scenarios for your client. In this video I’m going to give you an overview of how TRAK-Online is setup, where the different calculators and features are located as well as how to create your very first client.

To get to TRAK-Online simply go to If it’s your first time visiting TRAK-Online you can create a new user profile by clicking the “New User” link. This will allow you to enter your email and it will generate an initial password for you. If you forgot your password, simply click this button here and we can send an email to reset your password. To login simply enter your email and password and click “Login”.

When you login into TRAK-Online, you’re logged into the home screen. I want to give you a brief overview of this screen before we move on to looking at some of the other features in TRAK-Online. Over here on the left we have a Welcome message telling you a little about Retire Ready Solutions and TRAK-Online as well as a link to our support email if you have any questions about the software.

In the middle of the screen you have a list of any recent clients that you may have been working with recently. You’ll notice that one of these clients is tagged with this little tag that says “Active”. This is the client for whom if we were to open any of these programs that would be the client we would be working with. You can also see that there are buttons here to create a new client or access your full list of clients.

Over here on the right we have any upcoming trainings for TRAK-Online that are scheduled as well as the date and time. These webinars are live and give you the opportunity to ask any questions about TRAK-Online and these are always free for registered users of TRAK-Online.

Down below we have a list of any programs that you are subscribed to. Currently we have seven programs available in TRAK-Online that you can purchase, subscribe to in any combination. I have all seven listed here.

Up here in the upper right-hand corner is where you can log out of TRAK-Online when you are finished. Clicking on the user email will open up the user section where you can change your password and configure some other things. And then over here you can see Menu. If I click on this it will open up the side-bar menu where I can access some other features about the software. We’re going to go through some of these other features so you can understand what’s available and where it’s located.

By clicking on Home you simply go back to the Home screen.

By clicking About you’ll be able to view some information about TRAK-Online, when the most recent build was created, any new features or bugs that were added or fixed as well as be able to view the End User License Agreement that you agreed to when you subscribed.

Moving down the list we have User, that’s you! This is where you’d come if you wanted to change your password or if you want to personalize the background that’s back behind here.

Under Programs here’s our list again of whatever programs you have available that you’ve subscribed to would be listed here. If I were to click on any one of these it would open up that tool with the active client.

Under Client, this is where I can load a different client, maybe one I don’t see on my recent list but I know that’s already been created. I can create a new client, I can modify or edit existing clients, and I can delete existing clients. Do note that you cannot delete the active client. So if you want to delete the active client you’d first need to load or activate a different client and then you’d be able to delete the prior client.

Under the Configuration menu we have a number of things, let’s take a look. Under Agent, again this is you, this is where you can enter information that will appear on the cover page, the disclaimer, and other areas of the report.

Under the Config menu we also have Defaults. This is where you’re able to setup some default values that will automatically be populated in the calculator and be able to save you a little bit of time as you create your analyses.

We also have Custom Plans under the Config menu. These would be Custom Retirement Plans that you may have created for use in the Gap Analysis or the Paycheck Calculator integrating with Employer Files. So this is where you’d come to create a new retirement plan. Simply click Add New Plan and customize it over here on the right. You can see plans you may have created already, you can delete them by clicking the X button here.

Employers is where you can setup your initial Employer Files. You can do that by clicking this button: Create Initial Employers and that will create this list of generic employer files. You can also create your own Employer Files by clicking Add Employer and setting that up there. The Employer Files are important for using the Paycheck Calculator and the Batch Processing.

Finally under Config we can go to Groups. If you’ve chosen to group your clients into different groups this is where you can manage those groups, you can add new groups or delete them. It’s one of the ways that makes it a little easier to work with your clients particularly if you have a large number or if you’re working with participant groups then this can be a handy feature to get familiar with.

Admin, that’s only for me, I’m an administrator.

But the last thing you’ll see in your menu is Tools. This is where you can import files so if you have an Excel file with clients or participants you’d like to import you can do that here. Simply browse for the file or drop it here and then there’s a wizard to walk you through how to import that file.

You can import or export the database file for a particular client. This can be useful if you’re sharing files in an office between different users.

And finally the Report Archives. Any reports that have been generated for a particular client or for any of your clients will be listed here in the report archives. You can show the reports only for the active client or you can show all the available reports. Clicking on these reports will open up the PDF for you to view or save or print again.

Now that we’ve given you a general overview, let’s create our first client. The easiest way to do that is just to click this button here: New Client. Here we can add their first and last name, we’ll call them New Client. We can add a spouse if we like and also their address. When you’re done simply click Add New Client. And now New Client appears here in the recent client list as the active client and now I can work with this client by clicking any of the programs down below.

Thank you for tuning in to this brief introduction to TRAK-Online. Be sure to look at our other videos about using the various calculators in TRAK-Online and don’t forget if you have any questions as you’re using the software, please feel free to contact our support team at this email address here:

Thank you for choosing TRAK-Online, we wish you success in your business.