Registering TRAK

To continue using TRAK after installing the software, it must be registered. Installation of the software on two (2) systems is allowed using the Reference Number provided by email.

Note:Each system must be registered separately.

You may access your reference number by clicking here.

TRAK must be registered within thirty days or it will no longer operate. To register TRAK:

1.From the ribbon bar select Setup/Register TRAK.

2.Click the Register button. If TRAK is not registered, a dialog similar to what is below will be displayed.


If TRAK is registered, a dialog with text similar to what is below will be displayed.


3.To register TRAK, or to extend the registration, click the "Register" button. (The registration will only be extended when the account server settings are extended).

4.Enter the information requested.

Note:The reference number is provided via email once the software is purchased. To request that your reference number be emailed, click here.

5.Enter the required data on the screen.

6.Click the Internet Register button.

7.The Registration Code line will auto-fill.

8.A message will appear stating the successful completion of your registration. Click the "ok" button.