System Miscellaneous

Note: To access the System Miscellaneous setup, select File/Config from the ribbon bar and select System/Miscellaneous from the navigator on the left.

This dialog contains miscellaneous system settings for various parts of TRAK.

Modal Dialogs

Dim Background when Showing Modal Dialogs

To highlight the active form, this will darken the background when modal forms are displayed.

Use Latest Common Dialog Themes

This is checked by default. Some systems lock up when using Common Dialog Themes, and if a system lockup occurs, this will automatically be un-checked.

Explicitly Set Pop-up Mode for Modal Forms

This is a Windows' feature that on most systems should be checked.


Show Social Security Number Editor Field in New and Modify Client dialogs

Determines if the Client's Social Security Number editor is displayed in the New and Modify Client dialogs.

Allow Use of Gender Pronouns in Reports

TRAK will generate gender specific text in reports. If unchecked, it will revert to using the person's name (which may be a bit redundant).

Enter key is equivalent to Tab key

The Enter key behaves like a Tab key in stand alone editors (i.e. goes to next control).

Turn on Num Lock key when program starts

This turns on the Numlock key when the program starts. This option is not recommended for laptop computers.

Print Pie Charts in 2D (maintains aspect ratio)

This prints pie charts in a 2D format to maintain aspect ratio. Otherwise, the pie charts may appear skewed.

Show Fractional Months when Displaying Descriptive Age or Years of Service

Displays the fractional months for ages and years of service in software.

Status Bar

Show Status Bar

Determines if the status bar (at the bottom of the main window) is visible

Show Date in Status Bar

Determines if the current date is displayed in the status bar.

Show Time in Status Bar

Determines if the current time is displayed in the status bar.