Retirement Plans

Note: To access the Gap Analysis Retirement Plans Information, select File/Config from the ribbon bar and select Gap Calculator/Retirement Plans from the navigator on the left.

The Gap Analysis: Retirement Plans allows retirement plans (pension plans) to be shown or hidden by state (e.g. the grid below illustrates showing California retirement plans) or by individual plan (by clicking on the "Retirement Plans" tab in TRAK and selecting which plan(s) are visible). This allows removing plans from the list that may never be needed.


Show All Retirement Plans

This will show all retirement plans in the software.

Note:The list of retirement plans and states is not editable if Show All Retirement Plans is checked.

Default Retirement Plan

This is the retirement plan that will be selected when a new client file is created.

States and Retirement Plans grids

If Show All Retirement Plans is not checked, the plans listed in TRAK may be selected by state (lists all plans associated with the particular state), or by selecting the particular retirement plan on the Retirement Plans tab.)

Hint:To get a list of pension plans, focus the "Retirement Plans" tab ("Show All Retirement Plans" must be unchecked) and then apply the appropriate filter by clicking on the right side of the column captions. Then right click over the grid and select "Copy Plan List to Clipboard".