Retirement Budget

This configures the Retirement Budget found in the Gap Analysis' Retirement Income and Calculation tab.

Default Budget Priority Settings for New Client Data

The following settings will be used when a client is first created. It can be overridden in the Retirement Income tab.

Include "Important" Budget Column and Include "Discretionary" Budget Column

When  using Retirement Budget as the method to calculate retirement income, there can be up to three priority of incomes: "Essential", "Important" and "Discretionary". The last two are optional and the default settings for new data can be configured here.

Default Method for Starting and/or Ending Retirement Expenses

Each retirement budget item can be configured to have a starting and/or ending entered either as a Date or Age. Select the default method here.

All Budget Items can be Renamed

Checking this box allows all of the Items in the Retirement Budget grid to be renamed, otherwise only "Other" items can be renamed.

Chart Colors

Use Default Colors for Budget Items

Un-checking this box will allow the default color array to be configured.

The following items are only enabled if Use Default Colors for Budget Items is unchecked.

Number of Colors

Enter the number of colors in the grid.

Note:TRAK will use the default array of colors but if the number of budget items is exceeded, it will offset the colors up, creating up to three (3) times the number of colors in the color array.

Color Grid

This grid configures the colors (and order of) used for the budget items.