Federal Plans

TSP Options

Always Display the TSP/Federal Savings Plan tab

In the Gap Analysis calculator, a "Client TSP" and "Spouse TSP" tabs are displayed, even if the respective account is not a federal retirement plan. Uncheck this box to hide the tabs if a federal retirement plan is not selected.

Illustrate RMDs from TSP Roth Account

By default this feature is off, however, typically an advisor will roll out of the TSP Roth or 401k Roth into an IRA.  Having it turned off allows them not to illustrate it without creating a transfer.

Calculate TSP Using TSP Account Details

This determines if the TSP account is entered using Life Cycle Funds and G, F, C, S and I funds (if it is checked) or using the current balance and single projected rate of return.

Apply Default Accumulation and/or Distribution Values... to TSP Accounts

In the Gap Analysis Setup tab, accumulation and distribution values can be input here.

Charts in the FEGLI Report

Print Annual Premium Chart, Print Accumulated Premium Chart, and Print Life Insurance Coverage Chart

This determines which chart(s) (if any) are included in the FEGLI report.

Colors for FEGLI Charts in Report

If any charts are included in the report, the color scheme can be selected. Select either Use Color Theme or Use Contrasting Colors.