Bucket Strategy

Your clients want to protect their retirement assets from risk and market downturns but you know that those same assets need to last for their whole retirement. Balancing these two needs can be tricky but this feature in TRAK is designed to make it easy for an advisor to show their client the benefits of using income buckets as a retirement income strategy.

Studies have shown that the bucket strategy is one of the easiest retirement planning strategies for clients to understand. TRAK ’s Bucket Strategy feature will help advisors move from concept to implementation as clients can see how this helpful strategy can be implemented in their own situation.

The feature allows advisors to illustrate time-segmenting all or portions of a client’s retirement savings into “buckets” which can be customized in many ways.

Customizations for income buckets include:

Determining the number and time span of income buckets

Illustrating fixed, fixed-indexed, and variable product solutions

Customizing accumulation and distribution rates of return, annual fees, and surrender fees

Qualified, non-qualified, or a mix of accounts

Attractive, easy-to-understand reports

The advisor can also include the bucket strategy as part of a complete retirement plan that includes other assets and income sources such as Social Security and pension income.