Check for Update

"Check for Update" manually checks for an update to TRAK.

Manual Updates verses Automatic Updates

There is a difference between TRAK's automatic and manual updates.

A TRAK update may be only for a specific state, or set of states.

For Example: If a pension plan is updated for the state of Wyoming, an update may be posted for just that state. While updates to Wyoming state pension plans may be important to some advisors, for most, it is not relevant. In File/Configure/Updates, TRAK can be configured not only how frequently it automatically checks for updates, but also for which state(s) are checked. TRAK will check for an update as regularly as configured shortly after it is started.

Manual updates only check if an update is available, and does not filter to see if the update is only for specific states. Manual updates can be performed by clicking on the "Check for Update" button on the "Setup" ribbon.

Note that TRAK must have access to the internet and be started to check for, and download, any updates.