The columns below are displayed when Traditional Analysis is the Illustration Type (see Data Input). The columns for Quick Comparison are discussed below.

Traditional Comparison

RMD Hypothetical Cash Flow Grid


The owner of the account for that year. The account owner will either be Client or Beneficiary.


The year for the hypothetical calculation.

Client's Age

The client's age at the end of the year. It will be blank after the client's life expectancy.

Beneficiary's Age

The beneficiary's age at the end of the year.

Annual Deposit

The total annual deposits, if any.


This column is included if there is a beneficiary included in the illustration. If the illustration includes a beneficiary living longer than the client, the column will show "Beneficiary" when they become the owner of the account.

RMD Factor

The RMD factor for year.  The balance at the end of the previous year is divided by the factor to determine the RMD for the current year.

BOY Balance

The balance at the beginning of the year (BOY).

Interest Earned

The interest earned at the end of the year.


The required annual minimum distribution.

EOY Balance

The balance at the end of the year (EOY).

Quick Comparison


When using the Quick Comparison, the grid headers provide columns for the Traditional RMD and the Customized Distributions options.