The calculation tab provides the ability to select which primary and alternative option the client wishes to select, and various ways of viewing the calculated data. The input and calculation tabs are each discussed below.

Data Input

Option to Take

Select the option the client will select. Typically this is the primary option for the plan. For some pension plans that provide other benefits (e.g. medical insurance) a client may want to select an option that provides their spouse with the least amount of income and provide the other benefits.

Option to Replace Income From

Select the option to replace the income from. If the option previously selected provides an income, TRAK will calculate the insurance needed to replace the difference in income.

Calculation Tabs

There are 8 different calculation tabs, and a data-entry tab, that can be selected from:


2.Insurance Needed - Chart

3.Insurance Needed - Grid

4.Cash Flow Analysis-Chart

5.Cash Flow Analysis-Grid

6.Cost of Option-Chart

7.Cost of Option-Grid

8.Life Insurance Values (data entry)