Accumulation & Distribution Grids

The Accumulation and Distribution Grids tab is shown below.


There are several configuration options available in the PayProjAccmDistChartConfigBtn button located to the top-right of the grid.

Notes:The first record of the accumulation grid is today's values and does not include any (additional) contributions.
Similarly, the first record of the distribution is the projected values at retirement, prior to any distributions, and therefore does not include values for any distributions.

Show Grid Footers

This allows for displaying a calculation footer for each grid. The accumulation chart will display total contributions to the various accounts and the distribution chart will likewise show total distributions from the various accounts.

Data View

The records in the grids can show data every 5th year (as shown above, which often provides enough information for the client to understand the values) or every year.

Show Employee and Employer Contributions Separately

If the retirement account has an employer contribution, this option will be enabled. It allows for separating the employee and employer contributions in the grid.