Accumulation & Distribution Charts

The Calculations tab shows the values for the accumulation and distribution of the account.



The chart has several configuration options available by clicking on the PayProjAccmDistChartConfigBtn button located to top-right of the chart.

Show One Chart

The chart can be displayed as one chart (as shown above) or the accumulation and distribution time periods can be shown in separate charts.

Group Other Savings Accounts

This option allows other savings accounts to be displayed individually or to be shown as in one series (as shown above).

Group Distribution Years in One Series

This allows showing the distributions in one series (as shown above) or each account can be separated.

Hint:Remember to keep the illustration simple. While TRAK provides the ability to show more detail, it may be more information than is required for helping the client get a handle on what is happening.

Horizontal Axis

The horizontal axis values can be Year Number (as shown above), Client's Age or Calendar Year. Select the preferred value to display.