View Charts

View Charts is accessible in the Paycheck calculator by selecting "View Charts" under the Paycheck ribbon bar context tab (available when the Paycheck calculator is active).

View Paycheck Chart

Clicking on the menu toggles the visibility of the chart display, representing the values in the Paycheck calculator.


Some features about the chart:

The chart may be moved by holding down the mouse anywhere over the chart and moving the cursor.

Right-clicking over the charts provides the following features:

Charts display in 2-D or 3-D.

The chart window can be displayed as 'normal' or in 'maximized' mode (taking up the whole window),

Chart type can be selected. Display may appear as a pie chart, stacked vertical chart, or stacked horizontal chart.

Notes:If the pie chart is selected, pie slices under a certain percent of the paycheck may be grouped together.
The configuration of the chart in the Paycheck calculator will determine how it is printed in the reports.